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Are You Prepared for Windows 7 End of Life? What You Need to Know.

December 17, 2018

IT Services

End-of-Life Systems

Windows 7, Small Business Server 2011, and Server 2008 have helped many organizations operate efficiently and securely over the years.  In fact, many businesses have chosen to remain on these older systems due to their resilience and user friendliness. For those who have, it’s time to start preparing for these systems reaching End-of-Life (EOL).

End-of-Life Date

January 2020 will be the end of the road for Windows 7, Small Business Server 2011, and Server 2008. This means that Microsoft will not provide security updates, bug fixes or any support for that matter. Without support your workstations and servers are vulnerable to security breaches.

Migration Solutions

Upgrade to Windows 10. If your organization has not upgraded workstations in some time, Windows 7 more than likely makes up a large percentage of your endpoints, which means this upgrade may have a substantial impact on your end users. These devices normally have the largest array of installed software. Starting early ensures you will have enough time to identify any software that is not compatible with Windows 10, if new hardware is needed, and to react accordingly.

For server or enterprise upgrades, it’s recommended to seek the help from IT professionals. They can ensure that everything is upgraded correctly, firewalls are working properly, and antivirus is in place. You may need further action to determine if everything is compatible, depending on what type of hardware and software you’re using.

We can help!

Updating IT infrastructure is a massive task. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your workstations and servers before 2020 to avoid the rush of the deadline, and the deadline will be here before you know it. The important decision regarding End-of-Life is determining which alternative best fits your organization. Nsight has dependable solutions and knowledgeable IT professionals to assist you in the migration. Your data will be secure, and you can have peace of mind to continue to do the things you do best like running your business.

Not sure if you have one of these systems? Give us a call and our experts can investigate your current infrastructure and determine if you have any systems that may be affected. Contact us.