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One Package. One bill.

When you choose Nsight home phone, digital TV and internet packages, you build the exact package to fit your family’s needs.

Plus, you’ll get it all on one convenient bill.

All-Out™ Internet, TV and Phone Packages

One package. One bill. One company. Stay local with home phone, TV and internet services built just for your area. Here’s what you can get:

Get the All-in-One Solution from Nsight.

All-Out Internet, Tier 3 HD and Phone


The best is yet to come! With Tier 3 HD, you’ll have access to the best entertainment package we have to offer. And if the latest sitcom isn’t your thing, then zip around the internet at high speeds. Or, call that long-lost cousin—it’s all included with unlimited local and nationwide calling*.

All-Out Internet, Tier 1 HD and Phone


Movies, news, sports and all your favorite TV shows get rolled into one. This phone, internet and cable package includes unlimited local and nationwide calling,* nearly 150 channels and high-speed internet for nights when you’d prefer to stream a video or download music.

All-Out Internet, Basic HD and Phone


If you want the best value in an entertainment package, get unlimited local and nationwide calling*, nearly 50 basic cable channels and fast-as-lightning internet.

Add DVR or Whole Home DVR, as well as premium movie channels, to any of these packages for just a few more dollars a month.

All-Out Internet and TV Packages

Surf, stream, watch and game.

Go on a viewing adventure with our All-Out Internet and TV bundle options.

All-Out Internet and Tier 1 HD


  • 20MBPS-75MBPS Internet
  • Basic HD with nearly 150 channels
  • Channel options include: sports, news, Disney®, home and cooking channels, movies and more
All-Out Internet and Tier 3 HD


This is a cable and internet package full of high definition! Do what you want to do better and faster with our high-speed internet. And there’s more to love in our HD TV—the package includes even more sports, movies and news than Basic and Tier 1 options.

All-Out Internet and Basic HD


  • 20MBPS-75MBPS Internet
  • Basic HD with nearly 50 channels

You can even choose from premium movie channels and add on DVR or Whole Home DVR to any package.

All-Out Internet and Phone

This powerful pair speaks for itself!

Talk any time of day for as long as you want—every day, if you want. Plus, get the fastest internet speeds available—all for one low monthly cost. This package offers local and nationwide unlimited calling.* And, your family won’t be slowed down by our internet—there’s enough speed for everyone!

Phone service includes caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding and SIM ring.


TV and Phone

Our TV and voice services have no limits!

Choose the TV lineup that’s right for you. And in between shows, chat with your bestie—unlimited and nationwide calling* makes it easy. Here’s what we offer:

Tier 3 HD Voice


You’ll find exactly what you want to watch with our best package. Sports fanatics. News junkies. Movie buffs. Come one, come all. It’s all here for you at one affordable price.

Tier 1 HD Voice


Want even more to love? Choose our Tier 1 channel lineup for sports, news, movies and more—you’ll get everything you want without breaking the bank

Basic HD Voice


When broadcast and some of the most popular television channels will do, sign up for this offer. That’s value, in high-def!

These packages also come with HD-DVR or Whole Home DVR services for less than a daily latte stop. Ask about it when you call!

You’re Local.
We’re Local.

We’re the communications provider that knows you best.

We know how to pronounce Shawano. We know Seymour is the home of the hamburger. And, we know Green Bay is home to the best team on the gridiron. That’s because we live here, and we work here, too.

Whether you need customer care or same-day tech support, put your trust in Nsight.


*Excludes Alaska and Hawaii