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We mitigate risk of data loss and address threats as they arise.

Nsight understands that your business runs on data and connectivity.  We can help you protect that data and increase the reliability and resilience of your network infrastructure.  Hackers and ransomware attacks are just the beginning. Crises such as a fire, natural disaster or employee misstep can put data at risk. When you lose data, you face high costs for recovery and risk the trust of your customers and vendors. Attacks can both compromise your data and clog your network.

Planning is the Best Defense

IT Security

Our IT security firm philosophy rests in our six pillars.

Successful defense against loss begins with a strong plan—one that is unique to you.

We start with understanding your network and the type and amount of data you have. We then help you develop a comprehensive plan that includes controls to lessen your risk. The plan covers six key areas to protect your company:


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Anti-virus endpoint protection

Content Filter

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Web filtering to restrict access to certain sites

Quality Back Up

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Customized data backup plan

Employee Training

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Employee education about the causes of security breaches and how to avoid them

Email Filtering

Email Filtering

Email filtering to block spam mail and potentially hazardous links

Network Segmentation

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Network segmentation to determine who has access to files on your computer network

IT Infrastructure Assessment

It’s like a free health checkup for your IT infrastructure.

See how your IT infrastructure stacks up against cyberthreats. Nsight offers an IT infrastructure assessment that includes the health and longevity of your systems and network, as well as your level of security risk.

We believe so strongly in this assessment, we offer your first one free.

Think of it as a health screening for your technology. As a network security company, we assess security risks related to your networking hardware, including switches, access points and firewalls. We will also look at configuration and update status of servers, computers and printers.

If your assessment reveals vulnerabilities that put you at risk, we can help make your system healthier. We also maintain that health through our managed IT services.

Secure Data Storage for Business

Nsight uses trusted solutions for backup, recovery and storage.

Imagine not being able to communicate with customers or vendors. Or, imagine you can’t access your files to get the job done. It can happen when data and systems are compromised. We tackle threats from all angles—at your headquarters and remote offices. We also offer secure cloud storage for business. With our affordable storage, automated data backup services and ransomware detection, you can feel confident that your data is fully encrypted locally, off-site and in the cloud.

Nsight has partnered with trusted data and storage providers. Our custom solutions give you peace of mind that your data is backed up and ready when you need it.

Data recovery services:
Fight back after data loss.

With our backup recovery team, you won’t be left wondering if and when you can get your data back. Nsight’s cloud-protected network storage helps you restore an entire volume of data or get down to granular data recovery with File Level Restore (FLR).

We’ll help you restore your data and move your business forward.

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We help meet compliance standards.

Our team of experts will help you design and implement your network so you meet HIPAA and PCI compliance standards. Trust us to get you on the right path to data security.

Total Protection

Reduce stress, have peace of mind.

From IT infrastructure and network security testing to cloud-based data back-up and recovery services, Nsight stands with you to meet online and offline threats. When it comes to your critical network and data, put your trust in Nsight.

Network security begins with your internet connection.