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Business Landlines Scale Easily with Nsight.

Reliable, unified communication is the lifeblood of any successful organization. A quality business phone system is at the heart of internal and external communication that keeps your business humming. Nsight offers phone systems that can scale with your business, helping you work smarter and more efficiently.

And, we’re so sure you’ll love our team, we’ll set up your commercial telephone system no matter which carrier you choose.

Panasonic® Partner

We’re your certified Panasonic dealer in Northeast Wisconsin.

You know what you want in a business phone system: Affordability and reliability. That’s what makes Panasonic business phone systems such a popular choice. As an authorized Panasonic business phone provider with more than 40 years of experience, we can install, configure and maintain your IP or digital phone system. Best of all: When you buy from an authorized dealer like Nsight, your system is under warranty and you have easy accessibility to parts.

What our phone systems offer:

  • Built-in voice mail: Never lose or misplace an important call. Send messages to your smartphone, making them available at your fingertips.
  • Bluetooth® adaptability: Sync smartphones to make and receive calls, get talking ID alerts from your business handset when you receive texts, and with an Android® app, view and hear email, social media and other cell alerts.
  • Microsoft Outlook® connection: Connect to your computer to make and receive calls from Outlook.
  • 3-way conferencing: Need to talk to people in multiple locations? Problem solved with conferencing ability.
  • Caller ID: See who’s calling before you answer.
  • One-touch dial: Program numbers into each phone for easy access to your most frequently called co-workers and customers.
  • Built-in paging: Reach anyone in your location, even those in hard-to-hear areas, with a touch of a button.
  • Message storage backup: We’ll back up your messages so you never lose important information.
  • Wireless equipment: Talk while you walk. When you have to be away from your desk to get the job done, take along a cordless headset or phone to stay in touch throughout your facility.
  • On-hold music or messages: Break the silence for callers on hold. You can record your own promotional message or choose from pre-recorded messages or music.
  • Battery back-up system: Keep your business going, even during a power outage. This also keeps your system free from damage during a power surge.
  • Call blocking: Block numbers with a touch of a button.

With so many features, it’s easy to see why Panasonic is one of the best providers for business phone systems. Our Panasonic phone systems work with the network of your choice—whether it’s a VoIP, SIP  or landline service—for a complete solution.

Solutions for every business

We’re ready for your business phone challenge.

Large or small. One site or many. We’re up for the challenge of delivering business phone solutions that will power your growth and give you the phone features and security you need to run your business efficiently. Backed by decades of experience in communication and technology, we understand the entire communications environment end to end, from the phone jacks to the commercial phone system to voice systems.

In fact, if you’re looking for VoIP, SIP or PRI voice services, our knowledgeable staff can connect you to the service that matches your business goals.

We also are structured cabling experts, providing a reliable infrastructure that includes copper or fiber cables, wiring racks, cabinets and panels.

All that knowledge and more is what sets Nsight apart.

Local Matters

Choose business landline providers who can help you work locally and compete globally.

Like you, we call Northeast Wisconsin home. We pair that local community pride with knowledge and expertise to help you compete globally. When you’re looking for the best business phone provider, look no further than Nsight.