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Benefits of an NEC partnership

As a certified NEC partner, Nsighttel offers the desktop telephones, in-building wireless systems and softphones your business needs.

Whether you need to connect via a workstation, a laptop or the palm of your hand, NEC equipment will provide you with the advanced features and customizable options you need to make crystal-clear connections to your staff and customers.

NEC Business Phone Equipment Options

Searching for the right business phone solution? As the NEC partner near you, we’re able to offer a variety of their equipment. 

IP Desktop Phone Systems

Integrating with existing system, these phones include capabilities like interactive navigation and quick contact directories. They also feature security features to maximize end-to-end communication protection. 

Digital Desktop Phones

With a sleek design and a variety of customizable features, employees can configure them for their own work and communication needs.

Analog Desktop Phones

The modern version of the classic single-line telephone, this provides a simple solution for common area phone service. 

These phones are ideal for: 

  • Retail: Back offices, warehouses and break rooms
  • Military: Mess halls, equipment facilities and command centers
  • Education: Common rooms, dorms and staff offices

SIP Telephones

With a variety of models and customizable features, SIP phones (Session Initiation Protocol) can function as a simple desk phone or use a range of optional features to help serve staff needs, including: 

  • Headphone jacks
  • Bluetooth® connections for earpiece access
  • Multi-language support
  • Audio and video conferencing

In-Building Wireless DECT Phones

While in the office, mobile handsets and on-site phones give your staff control over when, where and how they can be reached by customers and fellow staff members.

Instead of tying your staff to a landline and desk, these freestanding handsets let them carry their “desk phone” wherever they go in the building, with features than can include:

  • A central directory
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Text messaging
  • Hi-res displays


Whether your staff is in the office or on the road, softphone software brings desk phones, computers and smartphones together to create a seamless conversation. Features can include: 

  • A single number for smartphones and desk phones
  • Simultaneous ringing for desk and smartphones
  • One call history
  • Worker caller ID over cellphone numbers to provide constant and recognizable identification
  • Phone services provided via laptop

IP Video Doorphones

Having eyes on your doors makes security safer. With two-way audio communication and a variety of other features you’ll be able to let expected visitors in easily. 

These phones cut manpower and other costs by: 

  • Eliminating the need for a staff member to be stationed by locked entryways
  • Offering two-way communication between visitor and employee via phone handset
  • Allowing visual monitoring from any networked PC
  • Providing the ability to remotely open the door or gate to provide quick access for staff or visitors

UNIVERGE Attendant Console

This intuitively designed console ensures that calls get properly directed, even when facing a large call volume. 

Conferencing and Recording Solutions

Need collaboration, video communication or voice recording solutions? As an NEC partner, we can provide them.

The NEC solutions partner you need 

Whether you need a classic analog phone solution or a modern IP connection, we’re the local NEC Partner that can ensure every call is crystal clear.