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Tech worries: Be gone.

If IT issues keep you awake at night, Nsight is here to help.

Our IT team can assist with hardware, software, networks, cybersecurity and everything in between. Whether you need guidance in strategic business planning, installation assistance or technical support, our team of experts is the only IT vendor you’ll need. Our portfolio of managed IT services helps ensure your data and systems help you meet your business needs. Hello, sleep-filled nights.

Network & Data Protection

Make a well-managed network real with Nsight.

Your computer network system is your company’s lifeline. If it fails or comes under siege from cyberattacks, your company—and reputation—can suffer. We have experts who will not only set up your network but monitor it 24/7 to ensure it’s secure.

Data security, storage and backup

Losing data is costly. When we’re called in to help manage data security, storage and backup, we start by helping you develop a plan to mitigate risk. With our managed IT services, we’ll ensure your data is backed up and stored through through our partnerships with industry-leading providers. Our experts can guide you in determining the best storage options, whether it be on-premise or on the cloud. And, if by chance, you lose an entire volume of data or just one file, our data recovery team can help you get it back.

Business Technology Management

Zero downtime is your goal and our drive.

Downtime drains productivity. Reacting to hardware and software issues can be time-consuming, expensive and frustrating for you and your staff. With Nsight’s proactive approach, we help our customers monitor and keep updated all critical systems, to mitigate any unnecessary downtime.

IT asset lifecycle management

Change is constant. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by hardware and software lifecycle management, we help keep your technology on-trend. With our IT asset lifecycle management services, we track when hardware and software was put into service and help you plan to replace aging assets, including servers, computers and mobile devices. When it comes to technology, we help you stay ahead of the curve.

Hardware installation and maintenance

If we find that your devices are ready for an upgrade, we will recommend the best hardware for your business needs. We are an authorized reseller of HP®, Dell®, Cisco® and many more products, including servers, laptops, desktops, printers and other specialized equipment. We’ll configure the devices to meet your business needs, install software and implement necessary security measures, providing hardware maintenance and updates as needed.

Software upgrades

Outdated software (or software that is not compatible with your system) causes headaches, stress and lost productivity. With our managed IT services, you can rely on our computer system maintenance specialists to install the latest operating systems and software tools, as well as verify antivirus and malware tools are updated and functioning. Just as our IT lifecycle asset management tracks hardware, it also tracks software installations for each team member. That makes updates easy to manage.

Microsoft® services

Buying and configuring Microsoft products—including Teams and the Teams Phone System—takes expertise and time. As your local Microsoft resale specialist and a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, our experts will walk you through all of Microsoft’s options and help you determine the licensing and deployment models that best fit your organization. With so many options, we make the process easy!

New Remote Services

Virtual care no matter where you work.

Nsight has introduced new remote services to virtually monitor and patch your servers and machines. With NsightCare, there is now a cost-effective way to ensure that all your systems stay patched and monitored 24/7. We have the ability to monitor physical and virtual environments, from servers to workstations, and get notified immediately if there is something that needs to be addressed.

Whether your IT department needs a helping hand or we service all your IT needs, we’re here for you, any time of day.

Network Infrastructure Planning

We help make sense of complex networking.

The network that supports everything your business does is complex—from computers and servers talking to each other to the internet networks that carry your data to the phone lines that give you a voice. Because we own and manage the most robust network in Northeast Wisconsin, we have the expertise to plan and manage your business network in a way that will scale as your business grows, whether it’s a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).

Managed WANs

We provide end-to-end services for WAN connections between multiple offices or other points. We can build and manage your entire WAN, including:

  • The firewall
  • Access points and data sharing between locations
  • The hardware, software and internet and phone connections needed to keep your business running

As an authorized Cisco Meraki partner, we deliver school districts, manufacturers and other large entities top-of-the-line network security products. We also partner with UniFi® to manage large Wi-Fi networks.

Managed LANs

Local area networks are a cost-effective alternative to dedicated private network connections. We help manage virtual private multipoint connectivity between sites and mobile devices, as well as ensure data remains secure on public and private connections.

Structured cabling

Perhaps you are moving into a new space. Or, maybe your wires look more like a nest than a well-planned system. We’ll ensure cables and wires are installed correctly and securely. Our local technicians can handle every aspect of the job, from pulling the wire to making connections to phones, computer networks and more. If you’re looking for a structured cabling partner with deep experience, look no further than Nsight.

User Support

Have a tech question? We’ve got an answer!

Even if you have tech-savvy team members, you may not be able to answer every IT question or solve every problem. Among the benefits of managed IT services: User support that goes beyond maintaining hardware and software. We’re available by phone, email or in person to help diagnose and resolve technical problems or answer questions. We also help manage and secure personal mobile devices that are used for business. Give us a call—we’re here to answer the difficult questions.

Proactive Service from a Local Managed IT Company

Managed IT services to help you sleep tight.

If you’re a small business that doesn’t require a full-time IT staff or a large enterprise whose IT team could use an extra hand, Nsight’s managed IT services are here to help you rest easy. . Whether we partner when you need us or we enter a monthly service contract, you can experience the benefits of managed IT services—feeling secure that we’ll monitor and maintain your tech assets so you don’t experience costly downtime. Plus, we’re here live and local, 24/7/365.

Managed IT for Dentists

Are you a dental practice in need of help? Managing and securing your technology is an important part of keeping your business and patient data safe. We are specialized in understanding dental IT pain points.

Are you a dental practice in need of help? Managing and securing your technology is an important part of keeping your business and patient data safe. We are specialized in understanding dental IT pain points.