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The Affordable Connectivity Program is a government program that reduces your broadband Internet access service bill. The household may obtain ACP-supported broadband service from any participating provider of its choosing. The household may apply the Affordable Connectivity benefit to any broadband service offering of the participating provider at the same terms available to households that are not eligible for ACP supported service. The household will be subject to Nsight’s undiscounted rates and general terms and conditions if the ACP ends, if the consumer transfers their benefit to another provider but continues to receive service from the current provider, or upon de-enrollment from the ACP. The household may transfer their ACP benefit to another provider at any time.

Affordable Connectivity Program Disclosures*

I authorize Nsight to transmit my full name, address, date of birth, and phone number for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) and the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) to verify my eligibility to enroll my household to receive benefits under the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

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