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Digital TV Remote Guide

TV Remote Help

Welcome to digital TV from Nsight! To start watching your favorite shows, movies and sports, download our easy step-by-step guide to set up your remote.

Download Remote Manual

Setup TV Control Using Code Search

Press the TV POWER key.
Press and hold SETUP until the TV POWER key blinks twice.
1 LONG BLINK = Failure
Type 9-9-1
Press Channel + Button (CH+) repeatedly until TV turns ON or OFF
Press SETUP key to save working code.


Commonly Used Buttons

Button Description
Cable Button Button used to turn ON/OFF Set Top Box.
TV Button used to turn ON/OFF TV.
Number Pad Allows you to jump to the desired channel.
Menu button Press to bring up the Menu Bar. Here you can setup parental conrols, update passwords, view favorites, see how to contact us and more! See above for instructions.
Guide Button Press to cycle through the on screen guide and favorites lists.
Info button Press to bring up information on the current program. (Twice for more information)
Day Buttons Shows previous / next day in view guide.
Directional Buttons Press to move around a menu.
Select Button Press to confirm a command.
Page Button Press to move a full page up or down.
Favorite button When in the interactive guide, choose “Favorite channels” from the on-screen menu. Pressing the blue FAV button on a selected channel will add it to your list of favorite channels.

When out of the interactive guide, pressing FAV will scroll through your list of favorite channels that you stored through the interactive guide.

exit button Press to exit to live TV.
DVR menu Press to show DVR Menu.
Closed caption button Press to enable/disable closed captioning.
Closed Caption Button Press to show Caller ID Menu.
Volume Press to increase/Decrease Volume.
Mute button Press to turn off audio.
Last button Press to change to previously tuned channel.
Channel Button Press to change channels & scroll a full page in the Guide.
Replay button DVR function- Replays last few seconds of DVR recorded program (DVR only)
List button DVR function- Displays on-screen list DVR recorded programs (DVR only)
Live button Press to return to live TV.
SWAP Swaps the tuner in the Dual Tuner DVR, so that you can watch one program and record another at the same time. (DVR only)
Stop Button In recorded video, stops playback.
Pause button Pauses cable and DVR.
Play button Plays cable and DVR.
Rewind Button Press to rewind video in 4x, 15x, 60x or 300x speed.
Record Button Press to record in live TV or the Guide.
Fast forward button Press to fast forward video in 4x, 15x, 60x or 300x speed.