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Troubleshooting Home Phone

Voice Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting: Using the Network Interface Device (NID)

Nsight Telservices has installed a plastic housing called a telephone Network Work Interface (NID) at the point where the telephone service enters the house.  This gray box provides two important functions for customers: it allows customers to check their service, including telephones, and more important, protect property from high voltage surges.

Customers will be asked to do some basic troubleshooting when calling the Nsight Telservices office, which in many cases may save time and the cost of a repair call if you do not have the Inside Wire Maintenance program.

Locating the Problem

Follow these easy, step-by-step directions:

  1. Unplug a phone you believe works. Use a wired telephone, not a cordless phone, to bring outside for testing.
  2. Locate the NID on the outside of your house and unscrew the cover fastener. Swing the cover open.
  3. Inside you’ll find a modular plug along with instructions on how to test your phone.
  4. Simply unplug the cable and plug your phone into the jack.
  5. You should get a dial tone. To test the phone, call a number.
  6. If the problem you experienced goes away, it is one of your telephone sets, the inside wiring or the jacks in your home or business.

Customers with the Nsight Telservices Inside Wire Maintenance program will have their problem repaired at no charge.

  1. If the problem at the NID continues, try to test once more using a different telephone set, if available. If the problem still exists, then the problem may be in the telephone company’s outside lines.
  2. Once you have finished testing, unplug the telephone set. Carefully and securely reconnect the modular jack.  Close the cover and tighten the screw until the cover is snug and tight.