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TV Troubleshooting

TV Troubleshooting Tips

My remote is not working at all or not working correctly.

1. Batteries. Often the batteries are the problem with a remote that is not responding, check to make sure that the batteries are fresh and put in correctly. The standard Nsight Remote takes 2 AA batteries. The black universal remote takes 2 AA Batteries.
2. Your remote may be in the wrong mode. (STB & TV) To control the Set Top Box, make sure that you press “STB”. To control the TV (Turn OFF/ON), make sure that you press “TV”.
3. Something could be blocking the way. Make sure that you are pointing the remote directly at the Set Top Box or TV, and that there is nothing blocking this path.

My program guide is not showing all of the channels

1. Try pressing the “Guide” button until you see the “All” tab at the top of the channel guide. This is changing your view of channels to display all the channels instead of the channels on a favorites list or just the subscribed channels.

Quick Remote Tips

  • To toggle on/off the Closed Captions, press the Blue “B” button on the remote.
  • If you have a DVR, you can easily bring up the content that you recorded by pressing the “LIST” button.

If you have questions that the guide does not answer, contact one of our customer care representatives or call or 800-826-5215.