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Internet Dead Zones

They can be frustrating. And, they can be time consuming. It doesn’t have to be this way! There is a better solution. 

Welcome to a Better Way

Get Nsight’s Extended Home Wi-Fi to strengthen internet connections inside or outside your home. Order now to get our Black Friday price that includes 3 months free! 

Extended Home Wi-Fi

Mesh Wi-Fi brings internet dead zones to life.

A strong connection is more important than ever this holiday season.

Expand Wi-Fi Coverage

Extended Home Wi-Fi service enhances coverage to reduce dead zones and provide Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your home.

3 months free of our Extended Home Wi-Fi Service added to your Night internet.

The dreaded internet dead zone. It’s the spot where you just can’t seem to connect. Extend your Wi-Fi range and revive lost connections with Nsight’s mesh Wi-Fi system. Our Extended Home Wi-Fi can strengthen internet connections in dead zones so you can surf, stream or game in and around your house.

How to Use a Wi-Fi Extender

It gets you connected inside and out.

While your high-speed internet might work perfectly in your home office or living room, a Wi-Fi extender helps you check your social feed while lounging on the patio, stream a movie while lying in bed or watch a how-to video in the garage. It’s all possible when you extend the range with our mesh Wi-Fi.

And it’s just $6.95 a month!

Whether you choose wired or wireless, our mesh Wi-Fi can be installed anywhere, bringing a stronger signal and easing wireless congestion, so you have access to Wi-Fi throughout your home.

How Do Wi-Fi Extenders Work?

Get the skinny on better Wi-Fi.

When you deploy an internet gateway in your house, the gateway puts out a Wi-Fi radius with specific reach. That amount is different in each house—walls, floors and doors can get in the way. Smart devices, baby monitors and microwaves can also wreak havoc on connections.

While others call this product a Wi-Fi extender (or Wi-Fi booster or Wi-Fi repeater), Nsight offers a stronger option.


A mesh Wi-Fi system taps into the best Wi-Fi available.

What this means
Your device automatically connects to the best signal, whether that’s the original gateway or a mesh unit.


Wi-Fi extenders rebroadcasts Wi-Fi.

What this means
Every time you enter a dead zone, you need to reconnect.

Nsight’s mesh Wi-Fi system taps into the signal from your original gateway and makes it stronger where you need it most. And if you need stronger bandwidth in the garage and the back bedrooms, no problem! You can install up to three devices depending upon the size of your home. Plus, our mesh units can be paired over dedicated Wi-Fi backhaul or connected to an ethernet cord.

Why Choose Nsight

The best mesh Wi-Fi system comes with so much more.

Sure, you can buy your own Wi-Fi extender. But that could cost you hundreds up front. Plus, installation and troubleshooting are up to you. With Nsight, you have the option for us to install the device or to install it yourself. And should you ever need help, we’re just a local phone call away. Our live technicians will troubleshoot connection issues remotely through our support so ware. We’ll never leave you hanging.

So, don’t let walls, doors and floors come between you and your internet connection. Extend your range with Nsight’s Extended Home Wi-Fi.

Offer valid 11/16/20 through 11/30/20 while supplies last. Available in eligible markets only. Not available in all areas. No rain checks. Business customers ineligible. Credit approval required. Offer requires customer to sign a 12-month internet agreement with Extended Home WIFI. The contract must be signed and returned before qualifying for the promotional offer. Early termination fees may apply. Taxes, fees and surcharges are not included in pricing and are subject to change without notice. Equipment lease is required. Promotion offer subject to change. See rep for details. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts. Nsight employees are not eligible. Limit one per household. Offers may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee: customer or referred customer may still enact 30 day satisfaction but will be ineligible for the offer.