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Filter Channel Guide

TV Support

To change which channels are visible within the Guide, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Guide button on the supplied remote.
  2. Notice that just above the Date, ex: (05/14/2020) there is a TV icon that will say: “Subscribed, SD, HD, PPV, Favorites, or All”.
    • To change which channels are being shown within the Guide, simply press the Guide button to alternate between the above categories.
      • Remember that channel scrolling obeys the filtered guide! If you are filtering the guide for Favorites, and exit the guide, using channel Up/Down will only scroll through your favorites.
  • Subscribed – Channels that are available to you, based upon your current subscription plan.
  • SD – Standard Definition, these channels are of lower quality and are typically used on non-High Definition TV’s.
  • HD – High Definition, these channels will give you the best quality for TV’s that support 720p or 1080p HD.
  • PPV – Pay Per View, these channels host events/programs that are available for purchase.
  • Favorites – This section will show channels that you have added as your “Favorites” which allows for fast navigation to your frequently watched channels.
  • All – Selecting All will show you every channel that is available, including channels that you are not currently subscribed to.


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