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TV Troubleshooting

Nsight TV Troubleshooting My TV has no picture. 1. Check ALL of your cable connections on the back of the TV and the Set-Top Box….

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Updating Password for Pay-Per-View

Updating Password for Pay-Per-View 1) Press the Menu key on your remote control and arrow to the Settings tab. Press the OK key on your remote. 2) Input your Password,…

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Setting Parental Controls

Setup Parental Controls Using ‘Menu’ 1) Press the Menu key on your remote control and arrow to the Settings tab. Press OK on your remote. 2) Enter your Password, arrow to OK…

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International Calling

International Callling

If you wish to call internationally, first, please call our Customer Care Team so that they can unblock so you can make international calls. –…

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Voice Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Home Phone

Troubleshooting: Using the Network Interface Device (NID) Nsight Telservices has installed a plastic housing called a telephone Network Work Interface (NID) at the point where…

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Wire Maintenance

Inside Wire Maintenance

With Inside Wire Maintenance, Nsight Telservices will maintain the inside wiring and jacks of your residence. If you have Inside Wire Maintenance, Nsight Telservices will…

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TV Support

Filter Channel Guide

To change which channels are visible within the Guide, follow the steps below. Press the Guide button on the supplied remote. Notice that just above…

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What is Nsight Extended Home Wi-Fi?

Whole Home Wi-Fi Connection We understand how important it is to have strong and seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home. Keeping your Wi-Fi devices…

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Now you can watch TV any time and everywhere with watchTVEverywhere (WTVE)! At Nsight we take pride in building solutions and options for our customers,…

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Digital TV Receiver

Power Cycling the Receiver

Power Cycle Your Nsight Telservices TV Receiver It’s easy to reboot your TV box. To power cycle/reboot the TV Receiver, simply unplug it from the…

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Email Setup

How to Add an Email to Your Phone and Other Devices Follow the steps below to add an email account to your Android® or Apple…

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Email Settings

Email Server Settings

Adding Your Nsight Email Address to Devices We often get asked what information is needed when adding an Nsight email address to phones, computers and…

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Home Phone Battery Backup

Backup Power for Home Phone Service during Power Outages For many years, your home phone would allow you to stay connected to emergency voice services…

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Home Phone Voice Features

Nsight Home Phone Features Features to complement your lifestyle Get what you need out of your voice service. As a local home phone provider, Nsight…

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Voicemail Setup

How to Set Up Voicemail Let’s get started. Never miss an important call. Use the steps below to set up and access your home phone…

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